Backup Policy


Date Updated: [November 13, 2020]

The Services will be backed up once a day. During the first month of the Service life cycle, Shuup will run full backups (full + incremental), after which the monthly full backups will be kept for six (6) months. After six (6) months, the backups may be moved to an archive, where they may be kept for five (5) years. All backups will be kept encrypted on a dedicated backup location.

Virtual servers will be fully backed up once a day. This backup can be used to restore or duplicate the server. Each copy will be kept available for seven (7) days.

Databases are backed up on event level which allows database restoration into any earlier event. Event logs will be saved for two (2) days and will be included into backups every night.

Restoration of the server environment caused by an error on the server is included with the Services and will not cause extra expenses for Customer. Other restorations will be invoiced based on the agreed hourly fee.

Archiving is an extra service billed at an hourly rate by Shuup.