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about us - shuup multivendor

We Innovate Enterprise Ecommerce


about us - shuup multivendor

About Shuup, Self-Hosted Multivendor Software

Shuup multivendor software initially released in 2014 for use on several Fortune 500 custom marketplace development cases. Years of technology consulting led us to need a new, robust multivendor software platform that could be customized for marketplace needs.

We believe that multivendor marketplaces are the future of retail! Growing multivendor technologies like e-malls, niche marketplaces, service economies, and localized delivery will dominate traditional e-commerce.

Existing industry software were not usable for the complex enterprise and B2B solutions we were creating from the ground up. Shuup was innovated and developed internally by Shuup’s commerce experts as the perfect multivendor marketplace development platform.

Highly Scalable, Self-Hosted Multivendor Software Platform

Modular platform for secure, customizable commerce solutions.

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Efficient Development

Using a strong platform for the foundation of the project streamlines development and allows focus on stability and quality.

No Vendor Lock

Using known programming languages and our open source code, makes it easy for you to bring in outside teams and developers.

Infinite Scalability

Proven, extensible E-commerce platform to support future development, extensions, and innovations.

Trusted Security

Code gets consistent security updates, and has constant surveillance through its community and by Shuup Inc security experts.

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