A few reasons our clients have switched to Shuup from Shopify or CS-cart.

With a Shuup multivendor marketplace, you not only get your perfect marketplace, but a development partner here to help you every step of the way. We pride ourselves in launching client marketplaces ready to go. You can immediately start onboarding vendors, marketing your marketplace, and building up sales.

Any marketplace idea or feature is possible with the Shuup, the only platform with true Multivendor Checkout.

Here are some reasons our clients have switched to Shuup from competitors such as Shopify or CS-Cart.

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True multivendor checkout

True multivendor checkout, means you can purchase from multiple sellers in a single purchase. No splitting the cart per vendor. Other platforms may claim to have multivendor checkout, but customers end up having to make separate orders for each vendor’s products.  Shuup single page checkout with multiple vendors allows for streamlined checkout with a single payment.


  • Each vendor can set their own shipping methods and price, print labels for most carriers, and automate tracking codes.


  • Customers pay once, Shuup automatically splits the payments to vendors, taking your cut from each vendor along the way.
  • Set delayed payments or payment triggers


  • Any marketplace idea
  • Any feature you need
  • Integrate anything
  • Display content anywhere


Shuup is built to scale with you as you grow. Go from just a few vendors and transactions, to thousands of vendors and millions of sales a day.

Development partnership

We only use Shuup multivendor checkout experts. Our in-house developers only work on Shuup and Shuup client projects, so you know, the developer on your case will be the best person for the job.

Enterprise and Perpetual licensing

Going for that IPO or big angel investment? Are IP rights holding you back? Not with Shuup. We offer Enterprise and Perpetual licensing options to ensure no matter how your marketplace takes off, you can ride the wave.

  • Enterprise licensing for full access to the source code
  • Perpetual licensing for lifetime access to your marketplace instance source code (no competition restrictions apply)

Consultation and ecommerce expertise

We are here to help you every step of the way. Our Shuup experts know ecommerce inside and out.

  • We help you figure out your business logic
  • We provide the most efficient solution
  • We build, test, and launch your custom features


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Have your developers start developing your multivendor marketplace today!

Start building your multivendor marketplace today with your developers!