Yesterday, Shuup hosted its first webcast in a series that will help potential customers understand our capabilities and why we are the top choice for companies searching for a best in class ecommerce marketplace solution.

Our technical sales director, Wes Garlock took the time to answer questions about our platform, our licensing options and our unique value proposition.  Wes has deep experience with the Shuup platform and a keen understanding about what our customers love about our product.  He also has technical expertise from his time as a solution architect and developer, so he can easily translate technical requirements into great business outcomes for our customers.

Shuup offers a range of ecommerce marketplace licensing options:

  •       Standard business licenses to get a marketplace up and running ASAP
  •       Enterprise licenses to allow clients to build a more custom solution
  •       Proprietary licenses which provide flexibility through access to source code

Shuup is the only ecommerce marketplace solution on the market that gives clients a roadmap to own their source code.

To learn more about how Shuup will boost your marketplace, request a demo today!

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