Custom multivendor software development brings your innovative ideas and business logic to life. Behind the scenes of marketplaces are complex layers of software code. They connect different pieces and make things happen exactly as the owner envisions. The multivendor platform is a framework to extend and build off of. It may have many of the features you need to get started, but inevitably you will need a feature that is not available. And, as your business evolves and grows, you will need to constantly improve upon your functioning marketplace by adding new features, updating the User Interface, or improving performance.
This is where custom multivendor software development comes in. Development can be done by your own in-house development team or through outsourced development work. Picking a development company to work with involves many criteria including your budget and time-frame. Let’s go through a few key things to consider when selecting your custom multivendor software development team.

1. Experience with the multivendor platform you select

You want your developers to have past experience working with the platform, or the technologies it is built off. This streamlines the development process, as there is no learning curve. The development team can jump right in and start building.

2. Capable of using multiple technologies

You are most likely going to have to connect your marketplace to any number of other software, such as payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal, CRM systems, ERP’s, and logistics services. Make sure your custom multivendor software development team can handle dealing with any technology you throw at them.

3. Structured and fair pricing

Development projects usually begin with a specifications stage, which will provide an estimate for the cost to complete the project. These estimates often change throughout the project, as more features or ideas are requested. Pick a development team that provides transparent pricing and that follows closely to their cost and time estimates.

4. Knowledge in your industry

A development team that has knowledge or experience in your marketplace industry will be better able to help you realize your vision. They can often provide suggestions or ideas that match current industry trends, keeping your marketplace up to date.

5. Support

Your development team should have support services available to you for any problems or bugs that may occur. Support packages often have their own separate pricing from the development work. You want a development team that can provide fast support at an affordable price.

Final words on choosing a custom multivendor software dev team

Now that you have some better info for choosing a custom software development team, you can begin the process of reaching out for bid offers. Pick a team that meets your criteria, and that you see as a good partner. These projects take time and often last years beyond the initial build, so you want a team that you enjoy working with.
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