Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all the rage at the moment. Like a lot of marketing growth techniques, CRO sounds complex but it’s actually pretty simple and can have big results. By the end of this article you’ll know how CRO works and how and what to test to improve your conversion rates.

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What is CRO?

CRO is the method of testing changes made to a website, landing page, signup flow etc. to increase conversions. Conversions are specific to each business or campaign but we’re usually talking about demo or free trial submissions, newsletter signups, content downloads, or straight product sales.

How to run CRO tests for free

You’ve probably heard of A/B testing. It’s talked about a lot in marketing. Our SaaS homepage example used A/B testing. It took the original page (A) and tested its performance against the altered page (B).

A/B testing needs to be done with a good amount of traffic over a reasonable time period for it to return statistically significant results. In other words, you can’t make performance judgments with only a few website visits over a couple of days. If you’re low on organic traffic you could try pushing paid traffic instead. That’s interesting in itself because you’d be able to test certain audiences with certain CRO changes.

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There are plenty of A/B testing tools on the market but one that’s free and has almost all the features you need is Google Optimize—contact us and we’ll walk you through integrating it into your Shuup account.

Google Optimize is so simple to use. Just add your original URL and test variant and define your audience based on things like location, on-site behavior, devices (e.g. Android, iOS) or use one of your existing Google Analytics or Google Ads audiences. Set the time period and launch. When the test is finished Google Optimize will calculate the winning variant.

7 Page Elements You Can Test Today

Here are seven common page elements that usually have a big impact on conversion rates. You can add an unlimited number of landing page variants and CTAs with Shuup, so get testing!

1. Tag lines

  • Test tag lines associated with specific customer personas or segments
  • Try using statements, questions, or alternative tones of voice

2. Value propositions

  • Include multiple USPs (unique selling propositions—the great features of your product) or just a single standout product feature or benefit
  • Use a value proposition with a data point or statistic

3. Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

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  • Change CTA positions: above/below the fold on desktops, on navigation bars, on footers
  • Switch the color of the button (it’s often debated but orange is usually considered the best)
  • Play with button text: short and sweet (“download!”), assertive (“buy now!”), personalized (“Get your free whitepaper”)

4. Forms

  • Test embedded forms vs pop-outs
  • Reduce or increase the number of form fields
  • Change form placement on a page

5. Product page

  • Test different images of the same product
  • Add sales badges to product images
  • Test product videos against static images
  • Add social proof to a product page e.g. “340 businesses signed up this month”

6. Pop-ups

  • Use them where appropriate: most people hate them but the data shows they work
  • Test trigger types: time elapse, scroll percentage, exit intent
  • Test pop-up offering variants: discount code, content download, newsletter sign up

7. Chatbot

  • Test automated responses vs live chat
  • Try offering content, demos, call-backs, quotations etc.


CRO helps you remove the guesswork from what changes to make and where. Make data-driven decisions combined with instinct and experience to create a simple and cost-effective tool in your lead generation and sales strategy.

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