E-mail marketing has become a norm embedded into every organizations marketing strategy. For small business, e-mail marketing can be a great way to acquire new customers from your target audience. As we know, the more you drive traffic, the more you drive sales. Shuup has put together a list of 5 e-mail marketing platforms that any small business can use to drive traffic to their e-commerce marketplaces.

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The Benefit of Using E-mail Marketing

The benefits of e-mail marketing for e-commerce marketplaces are endless. E-mails drive traffic, but they also connect small businesses to their potential and current customers. They serve as a great way to share news, marketing campaigns, and even promote vendors of the marketplace.  An easy way to save time on e-mail marketing while still embedding that personal small business touch is through e-mail  software. With tons of software on the market, it may be difficult to determine which one is right for your small business. Many of these platforms have free versions and similar capabilities, so which one should you chose?

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Well, Shuup knows every business is unique; that’s why we aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution! Shuup’s framework and API endpoints allow for your solution to be connected to almost any software or app with integrations to fit your unique business needs. That includes e-mail marketing software for your business!

To help you chose the best  software for your e-commerce marketplace, Shuup has put together this list of e-mail platforms based on functionality and customer reviews (from G2 and Capterra).

Here are the top 5 e-mail marketing platforms in E-commerce 2022

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Hubspot
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. SendinBlue
  5. Constant Conatct


Mailchimp was rated #1 on Capterra  and G2 based on customer reviews. Mailchimp also happens to be the most popular e-mail marketing software amongst Shuup customers! We proudly integrate with Mailchimp to meet all of your e-mail needs. According to their website, this software features audience management, creative tools, marketing automation, and insights/analytics. Additionally, Mailchimp offers a host of resources to help it’s users create and manage their e-mails with ease.


Hubspot was rated 2nd on Capterra. While Hubspot did not earn a top spot on G2, its in-depth functionality and capabilities has earned it a spot on this list. According to their website, this software features e-mail marketing as well as blogging, social media, and ad capabilities to convert visitors into customers. Uniquely, Hubspot offers a CRM software that can be used in tandem with the Hubspot marketing software. Shuup can proudly integrate with Hubspot’s many software solutions including e-mail campaigns and marketing.

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Campaign Monitor    

Campaign Monitor made the top 20 for both Capterra and G2. Customers find Campaign Monitor’s easy drag and drop simplicity! According to their website, they also feature a slew of templates, customer journey flows, and smart segment options. In addition to the customer-resources they offer, Campaign Monitor posts relevant articles related to e-mail marketing that may be useful to small businesses.


SendinBlue was rated 3rd on G2 and 9th on Capterra. Customers find that the free version of SendinBlue is one of the most robust e-mail software on the market. According to their website, this software offers features around communication, customization, and analytics involved in e-mail marketing.

Constant Contact   

Constant Contact was rated 2nd on G2 and  5th on Capterra. Uniquely, Constant Contact highlights the use of A.I. to learn, test, and optimize small business e-mail campaigns based on each individual customer. Their website even has a separate section dedicated to specifically e-commerce e-mail marketing.

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And the Winner is… 

So what’s the best e-mail marketing software for e-commerce marketplaces? The simple answer is there isn’t just one. E-mail marketing is a must-have functionality for any small e-commerce marketplace to drive traffic and sales. The right e-mail marketing software solution will vary based on the needs of your business and what features are most important to your business model.

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Some of the features that should be considered include:

  • Simplicity of e-mail templates
  • Automation and A.I. capabilities
  • Pricing (usually based on the size of your mailing list)
  • Additional functionalities such as CRM and insight reports

While Shuup has provided this list of the top 5 best e-mail marketing software, we encourage every business to conduct their own research to find the best fit for their marketplace—although this is a pretty great start!

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