In order for an ecommerce business to grow, it needs the right tools to increase sales. By employing the best addons, you can integrate tools that turn your site’s visitors into repeat customers. Here are Shuup’s five favorite tools for making your business more profitable.

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Boost Interest With Email Newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful sales tool because the audience has opted to receive your emails. When a customer has given their email address, they want to hear from you. That’s why email offers the highest return on your marketing spending, with an average click-through rate of 2.5%.

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing software amongst Shuup customers. It’s easy to design beautiful emails using their drag-and-drop builder. As well as announcing new products, you can also set up automations like a welcome email for new subscribers. The insights and analytics tools allow you to see how your list engages with your emails so you can develop and test new mar Save keting campaigns.

Within Shuup, we connect with Mailchimp to allow you to automate order transactional emails like purchase summaries, shipping information, and payment updates – which informs the customer and builds trust.

Cost-effective and easy-to-use, email marketing is a hugely important tool to add to your sales strategy.

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Share Your Value With a Blog 

A blog post is a great way to engage your audience and share your business’s values. It’s an easy way to offer advice or share the latest updates on your products. Coming up with content doesn’t have to be a major task either. Since your blog will show your expertise, you can pull content from presentations, interviews, and webcasts – which means you can spend more time on other marketing tasks!

Shuup’s blog tool is built for SEO, which helps drive new traffic to your marketplace and increases brand awareness.

Sharing your insights in a blog post allows you to showcase your company and build trust with browsing visitors. Using the comments feature can be a helpful way to build a relationship with readers, spark some new ideas for follow-up posts, and create a feeling of community.

The most effective blog posts end with a call to action that can convert readers into leads. Be sure to ask the reader a question or showcase your offerings. (Like how Shuup’s multi-vendor marketplace comes with blog functionality as a standard offering!)

Support Your Vendors With a Chatbot

Setting up a chatbot is an excellent way to automate a wide array of your customer’s needs. Using a chatbot you can offer 24/7 support with quick responses, perfect for global companies that want to assist customers in any time zone. 

A chatbot can engage with multiple customers at one time. With automated queries, most issues can be resolved without the customer waiting for an available agent. If you plan for your multi-vendor marketplace to go global, you can set up your chatbot to speak multiple languages. It’s an excellent resource for collecting and analyzing data, such as the most common customer queries, allowing you to improve the chatbot’s effectiveness as you use it.

Shuup offers backend chat functionality where vendors can communicate with the admin. This allows the marketplace owner to handle all vendor inquiries in one place.

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Target Your Visitors With Facebook Pixel

By adding a Facebook pixel to your business’s website, you can target adverts to your site’s visitors on the world’s largest social media platform. Advertising to users that have already been to your site will increase conversion rates as the user is already familiar and interested in your products.

The pixel allows you to track conversions and create custom audiences, enabling you to measure, optimize, and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. Shuup integrates your site’s sales items into Facebook Marketplace, so you can generate new leads by selling directly through Facebook and Instagram.

Use CRM To Improve Customer Interactions

Customer Relationship Management software is a great way to keep track of all your information on a customer. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, your business can grow with CRMs.

Tracking your business’s customer interactions encompasses sales, marketing, service, and aftercare. Centralizing that information creates one view for every department. That allows your site to offer personalized experiences. For instance, an automated email can remind a visitor of the items in their cart, the main page’s carousel can recommend products based on what they’ve already purchased, the customer support team can see a query’s history and respond faster. 

Shuup offers integration with CRM HubSpot and Salesforce to help your ecommerce site stay connected with customers and improve profitability.

Improve Your Sales

These tools are a great way to drive sales and increase customer engagement. If you want to learn more about the best practices for using addons in your e-commerce site, book a demo with our team today! We will teach you everything there is to know about adding these powerful tools to increase conversions on your website. Contact us today and let’s talk!

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