In this webcast, one of Shuup’s account managers, Ellie Kantanen, speaks to how creating a multi-vendor marketplace discount camping can be beneficial to your business this holiday season as well as how this Black Friday will be different. Ellie shows viewers a live demo in which she creates several discount campaigns right in Shuup! 

What’s different on Black Friday 2020? 

Ellie starts the webcast by discussing the key differences we may see on Black Friday this year. She examines several points including: 


  • The duration and start date of holiday deal 
  • A higher volume in E-commerce traffic    
  • A much vaster, more diverse selection for shoppers 
  • More online competition 
  • Delayed shipping due to a higher volume in E-commerce shopping  


One of the key points Ellie mentions is online competition. She suggests businesses follow key trends such as using discount Multi-Vendor Marketplace Campaigns to drive sales and traffic while also adhering to the new norms like extending your promotions duration and starting them at an earlier date than the years prior. If you would like to learn more about how Black Friday 2020 will be different, check out Shuup’s latest blog article here  

multi-vendor marketplace campaignsBLACK-FRIDAY-ECOMMERCE

An Overview of Campaigns & Discounts 

A campaign, as Ellie puts it, is an, “organized course of action to achieve a goal.” Ellie goes further to discuss what a discount marketing campaign would look like for a multivendor business as well as why they may be useful for businesses to drive traffic and sales. She then gives several examples of this and shares the different types of campaigns you can create with Shuup such as product or basket. To learn more about what you can do with Shuup, speak with an expert today! 


Best Campaign Practices  

With the holiday season amongst us, Ellie decided to share some of the best campaign practices with the viewers. She lists many, but focuses on the 3-part phrase “Plan, measure, and adapt.” Businesses that follow this motto as a guide are sure to do well during this year’s boom in e-commerce holiday traffic! 


Thoughtful Discounts and the Demo 

Ellie, informs businesses on the benefits seasonal and targeted discount campaigns. Financially, a business may lose some money on their product, but in return, they may make more sales through increased traffic. Additionally, seasonal and targeted discounts: 

  • Enhances brand awareness 
  • Increases social media presence 
  • Monetizes Inventory  

Ellie concludes the webcast by giving us an inside look into creating several discount campaigns using Shuup! To learn more about how you can use Shuup to drive traffic and sales to your multi-vendor marketplace, request a demo today! 

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