How does a multi vendor moderator make their e-commerce marketplace attractive for vendors and customers? One can always use traditional marketing, SEO and advertising tactics. Are these tactics enough to build long-lasting relationships with the users of your marketplace?

On our latest Shuup webcast we discussed the factors that make a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace attractive for vendors and customers with Shuup’s enterprise account manager Kamil Danji.

Kamil captures the customers’ ideas, and structures them into a viable marketplace. There are certain things he recommends considering when planning a marketplace:

  • Break your ideas down into smaller steps
  • Research existing marketplaces and write down what you liked about them
  • Step into your customers’ shoes and try to see your marketplace with their eyes

The secret is simplicity. Once you have your idea, determine what functionality is truly needed on the day you launch your marketplace. Once your project is live, evaluate your customers’ and vendors’ reception to your current features. By using your customers’ feedback, you can begin iterating your project to improve it.

When the Shuup team builds a marketplace, we consider what UI/UX changes need to be made to the storefront. When backend server functionality is customized, we need to consider how this will affect how users interact with the storefront. In the end, what vendors will like about your marketplace is easy vendor registration, ability to customize their shop, clear and easy inventory management, creating their own campaigns and discounts and good business reporting and notifications.

Want to know more about building your own multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace? Contact Shuup and talk to our experts or request a demo!

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