On Shuup’s latest webcast we explore how you can make your B2B marketplace a success.  Our technical sales director, Wes Garlock, leverages his deep experience to share tips and best practices that are important to reflect on when optimizing a B2B marketplace.

Shuup works closely with customers to make sure their marketplace is successful and guides them through both the tactical and strategic aspects they should consider.

Some of these aspects include:

  •   Defining what success looks like
  •   Learning and documenting customer segments and needs
  •   Developing a detailed revenue and cost model
  •   Documenting a launch timeline and defining 3, 6, and 12 month milestones
  •   Selecting which products to sell
  •   Creating a strategy to drive traffic

In this webcast we explain more about the above considerations and why they are important.  We also share multivendor marketplace administration best practices and common mistakes to avoid.


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